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December 11, 2018


I'm looking at getting some Seagull 5R/Kingfisher complete needle roller crankshafts remanufactured.
These will be identical to the Seagull items that are no longer available, apart from the steel conrod which will be a dimensionally exact copy.
I'm told that the manufacturer of the conrod is no longer going to produce them & that they have less than 40 in stock now.
Please note the Kingfisher version will fit in any of the following motors Kingfisher, Osprey, Curlew, any Century, any model 40 & the model 102.
Because these will be a fairly expensive item I'm hoping that a 10 off price will be cheaper than the 2 off I need.
So if there's anyone out there who might have one on their wish list, please E-mail me before the 15th of Feb. 2004 with theirs & their engine's details as by then I should have firm UK prices for the 6 I already have interest in.

I've had one of these rods in my race engine for the last 15 months where it has been run in race conditions for 30+ hours at up to 6500 revs, the big end is still perfect though the little end bush is showing some slight signs of wear.

Charles Large UK +44 (0)1628 622359

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